Orchard Harvesting

BAYGOLD Ltd has invested in staff and equipment to ensure quality from the vine to the pack house.

We have capacity for large or small volumes of fruit and our reputation for being accommodating and professional is evident at each site. We drive our values-based team with best management practice and strive for efficient and effective processes so you, the client, get the best result. 

Orchard Harvesting    Karina Harvest

BAYGOLD Ltd has a proven record in keeping fruit damage to a minimum and is always looking for picking efficiencies. Our picking and handling ability extends to both gold and green kiwifruit.

We have managed up to 16 gangs on one site and have transport capabilities to move fruit from the pad to the pack house.  Contact us prior or during the season to see how we can help you.

Harvest Transporter    Harvest Sakura


Pack house partners

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